Thursday, May 21, 2009

Plant Watch! Kitchen Garden

I am the least green fingered person in the world, having committed mass murder to a herb garden last summer. However my friend Kim (the lucky owner of 8 very green fingers) persuaded me to give the old growing thing a try. She has started a small business selling seedlings and these funky little instant gardens. Okay I confess that the main reason I agreed was because the pots she had looked cool.

As I only have an indoor windowsill to 'grow' things on she picked out the appropriate seedlings and helped me to create my garden. There were only babies when they arrived but seem to be thriving. Although Stokesy watered them last night and they've looked a bit sad since then.......I'm suspecting overzealous watering......he is not taking the blame but who else could it have been?????

Oh if you want a cool garden like mine give Kim a bell on 819434