Monday, June 1, 2009

Daily Mail visit to Relish

A journalist from the Daily Mail was over on the Island last weekend. As part of her tour of the island she got to spend an evening with me and an assortment of people from the food industry. Lucky her! Here's what we had:

Beer Tasting – The Manx Pure Beer Act of 1874 prohibits the use of anything other than malt, sugar, hops, yeast and water. Local breweries Bushy’s and Okells work within these guidelines to produce a vast array of beers

Hot smoked salmon – Award winning hot smoked salmon from Island Seafare
Horseradish cream – dug out of the ground this morning by Robin of Purely Plants Produce
Green salad – grown in the Relish kitchen garden
Salad dressing – utilising cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil grown and processed at Ellerslie Farm in Crosby. A brand new product.

Arabian rack of lamb – A pure and natural habitat combined with excellent animal husbandry, all found on our Island, produces the best quality meat. Provided by Isle of Meats and butchered by Mark at Teare’s Butchers
Carrot, cumin and coriander salad – organic herbs from Staarvey Farm
Spiced potatoes – the first week of new potatoes on the Island

Gooey meringues – local free range eggs from Dot @ Purely Plants Produce
Rhubarb compote – from a green fingered friend
Softly whipped cream – Isle of Man Creameries is a co-operative, operating since 1934. It produces outstanding milk, cream and most recently, an award winning range of cheeses.

Chocolates – newly developed chocolate creations from Cocoa Red
Unfortunately I was too tied up to take loads of photos, but above is a recreation of the rack of lamb (with different side dishes, the eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted). Hopefully her visit to the school will sneak its way into an article somewhere