Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Don't get in the way of these ladies

If you see a group of ladies gathered around bowls of melted chocolate and semi-formed truffles do not attempt to disturb them. You can see the focus on their faces.

Rob took the truffles a stage further after this picture and decorated them with beautiful chocolate swirls and finishes. Unfortunately my chocolates had a...errrmm.......accident and didn't want their photo taken. Okay the real reason....they were all tucked up safely in my bag to come home. I was planning to share them with Stokey when I got back to the rock. But.....I was on the train to London and got a bit hungry. So I went to the train station shop, the trauma of being face with the reality of 'normal food' after two weeks of gorgeous food, it was so depressing! I think I had a choice of Ginsters pasties or a packet of Monster Munch. So, not wanting to pollute my body with E numbers...........the chocolate truffles sacrificed themselves for the greater good. Mmmmm they were so good :o)