Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Special a hedgerow near you

Apologies for the lack of blog recently. I was all worn out after the Ashburton blog-a-thon so was giving myself some time to regroup. But do not fear, I was not slacking in the food department.

First up, available free, only effort required is a brisk walk in the countryside.................wiiild garliiic!!! (say that in the style of a game show host, it sounds better)

I am no expert in wild food, foraging etc, but even an idiot like me can identify wild garlic. Growing mostly in shady woodland and on verges. Hmmm a picture would help wouldn't it. I will go and take a pic of some over the weekend and add it in.........oh and it smells like shop garlic so you can't go too far wrong. The hardest thing is working out which patch to pick as, unfortunately it always grows in popular dog walking areas. Yes I'd always advise washing it before use.

You can add it raw to salad, it's good cooked into scrambled egg, but I turned it into wild garlic pesto and put a blob into a plain potato soup cos I'm a big show-off. To make the wild garlic pesto:

Large handful (thoroughly washed) wild garlic
75 ml olive oil - the good stuff
small handful pine nuts
small handful of grated parmesan
salt and sugar (yes sugar, the garlic can be slightly bitter) to taste

Throw the whole lot in a food processor and blitz for a minute. Some people reckon that wild garlic doesn't make your breath smell. They are liars.