Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pastry Time

I was doing some catering work at the weekend for a surprise birthday party. Included in the menu is quiche, so it’s pastry time. Making your own pastry is time consuming I admit (make pastry, chill, roll, chill, bake blind) but there is no way I would serve anything else. I got the eggs from a nice lady (Jenny) from Staarvey Farm at The Green Mann market in St.Johns on Thursday, check out the product placement in the pic! But also check out the lovely yellow of the filling, delicious. I usually get my eggs from Dot Price, also at The Green Mann, but her chickens are on strike due to the adverse weather conditions and short days. I think Dot’s chickens have got the right idea.

So here you can see the pastry case with it’s lovely crinkly edges (I love crinkly edges) and then with it’s filling of spring onion, pea and parmesan. Oh if you’re doing pastry try using coins instead of ceramic beads for the baking blind bit. the coins conduct the heat a lot better to give crispier pastry. Well that’s what Heston Blumenthal (mmmm the lovely Heston) says and I hear his food is pretty good so I’m happy to follow his advice.