Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Simple supper - Pasta and garlic bread

Feeling fairly brain dead after work it was a night for an easy meal. Sweating together garlic/onion/peppers/tomatoes/parsley gave us the sauce (queue a 'discussion' about whether we should bother to peel the tomatoes - verdict peeled) chucked some mozzarella on top, combine softened butter/lots of garlic/parsley and add to toast for the super garlicky bread.

Leaving time to watch Masterchef......oh and get ready for cookery school and catering job at the weekend. It's 'Back to Basics' day at cookery school and here's what they'll be cooking:

1. Potato and Leek soup
2. Sticky ribs
3. Quesadillas
4. Thai style seabass
5. Chocolate fridge cake

So they will learn slow cooking, how to cook fish + tell when it's fresh, quick snack, the ABCs of soup making and a no-cook dessert