Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sides for ribs

Okay I confess we had ribs again, so good! Stokesy and his mate Pete had gone to price some work so needed some man food when they got back. Pete is a...errmm....selective eater so I didn't want to make anything too adventurous. But I got some quesadillas on the go as soon as they got home and he loved them.

I wanted some vegetable-ness to go with the ribs so after rummaging in the fridge decided on some coleslaw. finely sliced cabbage, carrot, red onion, plus a bit of parsley mixed with mayo and natural yoghurt.

This weekend I'll finalising the recipes for next weekend's Saturday cookery class 'Back to Basics', plus planning for a birthday party on the Sunday. For the birthday party the client has chosen lots of different finger foods, I love doing finger food and canapes because you can make everything look wicked! The two mini puddings are Torta di Ciocolatta and Mini Pavlovas, I'll try and get some pics if I have time on the day.