Sunday, March 1, 2009

Veggie box is here....yippee!

Dot and Robin Price run a small-holding in Lezayre (Isle of Man) which is in organic coversion. Dot informed me last week that they are now doing organic veggie boxes. This is so exciting for the Isle of Man!!!! To those of you reading from 'the mainland' yes I know you have been able to get these things for years, I used to get one when I lived in the UK. However I think that Dot + Robin's box is way better. Why? Because it is a truly local veggie box, all coming from their farm and travelling about 2 miles to the market.

Once I have the box in my clutches I'll then post my recipes each week that have included their produce. So this week I have: potatoes, carrots, beetroot, turnip, green cabbage, cauliflower, 2 boxes of eggs, coleslaw and some gorgeous baby leeks (see Exhibit A above). Now what kind of idiot would think they were spring onions??? hahaha yes that would be me, in my defence I only glanced at them and I had...errm...the sun in my eyes.

The entire contents of the box was just £10............I think this is an absolute bargain. So to order yours ring Dot on 470507. No, I'm not on commission.